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I am a country girl at heart who is trapped in the city. My dream life would be one where I live in the country and am able to have a small garden and no really close neighbors.
Music: Mostly country, but a little rock and alternative as well.
TV: Wrestling, Castle, House, Ncis, Ncis LA, Bones, Vampire Diaries, Smallville, Supernatural and animation domination. Seth McFarlane rules.
Books: I love to read anything paranormal, supernatural or vampire related. JK Rowling, James Patterson, VC Andrews and Stephanie Meyer are some of my faves.
Sports: I love wrestling. I mostly watch the WWE, but every once in awhile I will watch TNA.
Interests: I enjoy reading and writing supernatural theme stories. I love to sing karaoke and do it whenever I get the chance. I enjoy hangin out with my friends. Some of my best times have been just chillin at home watching movies with my buddies.
Movies: The Twillight Sage, Harry Potter, anything Kevin Smith, anything supernatural, paranormal or sci fi.
BestFeatures: My eyes and my heart.
Dreams: My dream is to visit Ireland, Scotland and Romania.

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