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Hey guys, my name is pj. im 21 but will be 22 in september of this year. i am a crew trainer/manager at mcdonalds in sissonville west virginia. i like to go to the movies, the mall, out to eat and just like to have a good time. i also like to text and talk on the phone. i am a wrestling freak and a twilight freak. i love to explore new opportunities in life and what to expect in the near future. i love to live life every minute of every day and couldnt ask for more. im very friendly and very funny as well. i am also openly gay and proud of who i am. if there is anything else you would like to know feel free to ask i am a open book thanks.
HighSchool: Clover High School
College: York Technical College
JuniorHighSchool: Clover Junior High SChool
ElementarySchool: Bethany Elementary School
Music: Love country music, rock music, and pop music
TV: i love to watch wrestling. i am a big wrestling freak i have to give thanks to my dad for that... love you dad lol. mtv and vh1, disney and nick, true blood, nurse jackie
Books: twilight series
Sports: pittsburg steelers. clemson
Interests: write, draw, listen to music, watch tv, four wheeler, go out with friends to movies and mall. drive. dance, sing
Movies: nothing but comedy and horror fan!!! love vampires and scary movies
BestFeatures: eyes
Dreams: to be a chef or a nurse.... if i can afford school first

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