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this is about me im a wonderful person i might be fem or whatever but im still me and i understand my self and you should understand urself and be happy and not down and sad but be you and no matter what you have alot to live for and do look at us from the inside not outside because we may not fit ur books but we fix our own books
HighSchool: Herbert Hoover Senior High School
JuniorHighSchool: Clendenin Middle School
ElementarySchool: Clendenin Elementary School
Music: anything that catch my ears lol
TV: tom and jerry deal or no deal angel the charmed one,s food network law and order
Books: twilight and harry potter and love story
Sports: football and valleyball and others
Interests: my interests there so many i love going camping and simww and going out to eat and to the movies with
Movies: twilight and scarey movies gloden girls harry potter the forgotten love movies
BestFeatures: don't be shy to say hi or how are you im just a person like you are so plz say hi and be you
Dreams: my dreams is to find a wonderful man to spend my life with and get married someday and nvr look back on my past i but thought alot in my life so if you have drama keep steppin not take no more bullshit

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